Monday, 1 July 2013

Latchford Locks

 Lock gates slightly ajar.
 Looking towards the mooring berths and passing place.

 Swing bridges opens to allow the Arklow Field through.
 Swing bridge open with high level bridge in the background. A local banker, Joseph Parr,  insisted that the high level bridge was built so that his carriage was not delayed as he travelled from his home at Grappenhall Heys to his offices in Warrington.
 It seems as if the lock gate might be stuck!
 Hold her there while it is fixed.
 I can't see a thing.
 Did you drop something down there?

 I thought I told you to grease that nipple.
 Time to say a few prayers.
 It looks as if our prayers have been answered.
 Somebody threw a spanner in the works.
 Here she comes at last.
 Left hand down a bit.
 Tight squeeze.

 She's in. The lock gate is closed behind her.

 Left over right and under, right over left .........

 One day it will be me driving this ship!

 All we have to do now is wait till we are raised 14 feet.

 Here comes the Arklow Freedom from Manchester.

 Arklow Freedom pulls over to the mooring berth to allow Arklow Field passage out of the lock.
 Ships that pass.
 Clear of the lock Arklow Field heads off to Manchester.
 Time to swing this beast around.
 And head into the lock.

 Don't scrape the paintwork. There are always a couple of experts on hand to give advice.
 Are you ready up there?
 Okay let's try that again.
 Success, caught me a big one!
In the meantime the swan family in the next lock seem oblivious to all that is going on next door.

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  1. What a great sequence of shots John love it nearly as good as being there, brilliant shots showing the size and complexity of shunting ships up the canal - cheers for an interesting blog - Grapes